3 – color


Module sizes are: 24cm x 24cm, 32cm x 32cm, 42cm x 42cm, 48cm x 48cm

  • Each module is installed emitting diodes 512 in green, red, yellow or red, white, pink. LEDs are installed in 16 rows, each row is 16 pairs of diodes. With this construction has the single line display can display simple graphics - what distinguishes us from all domestic producers.
  • Build displays one, two, three and four-line
  •  Max screen size: height 192 cm (4 modules)
  • width of 960 cm (20 modules)
  • Connect modules and displays
  • Vertical and horizontal assembly
  • The housing of the aesthetic, closed aluminum, anodized black matte color, plastic corners
  • The thickness of the display is only 7 cm
  • Lightweight

wyświetlacz 3-kolorowy led

  • 2 mounting systems - steel angles, steel cord
  • The product resistant to climatic conditions and the attempts of devastation IP44 IK5
  • Ability to enter PIN
  • Programming via IR remote control or PC Color Magic
  • Choice of location of the IR sensor - 20m operating distance
  • The wizard helps an advertisement tailored to individual needs
  • Ability to display date and time
  • Ability to program operation hours and time of issue individual spots
  •  You can stop the text 1 <-> 99 seconds
  •  10 degrees of brightness LEDs, broken down by day / night
  • Automatic switch between display modes: day / night
  • Variable speed and the speed of scrolling text effects and animations
  • Internal memory: 30 projects commercials - 99 characters each, and 6 graphics

wyświetlacz ledowy

 Display options:

  •   Text in 1 or 2 rows, 70 images, 40 animations, 40 video clips
  •   You can connect up to 4 displays the level and split the screen so that for example, at three-quarters were broadcast graphics andanimation and a quarter was for the ad text.

There is also the possibility of building cavities LED modules.

Wizard for easy programming of the advertisement of advertising content and allows an easy way to give them a distinct character by setting the way-show, the correct issue and completion of the spot and move to the next example, advertising or duplicate the same content a different font or color.

led 3 kolory


led tablica

Options wizard of the advertisement:

① Auto - automatic selection - no possibility of interference

② Anim - 47 animation, forming the words entered

③ View - 8 types of foci forming words

④ Scroll - 10 ways to scroll text

⑤ Wave - 7 Ways bouncing text up / down / left / right

⑥ Zoom - 10 ways to grow

⑦ Color - 10 animations and 3 color variations

⑧ Twist - 4 types of turns and twists the string around its own axis

⑨ None - no effect


 A helpful tool in creating the character of the commercials is supplied with the PC MagicColor.